lundi 24 mars 2008

Emotional Pictures, Not Diet Food!

My text about the bunkers of Cap Ferret for the paradise project ends with the idea of the little absurd paradise.

There you find the connection to the fotos of the Wurzen-barracks especially in the fairy tale picture. I do not know who permited to paint such a picture in a barrack of soldiers. It is totally subversive.

As the opposite there is the three part picture of the warscene, the truth. Because it is the apocalypse of fire and blood. If you were in war there is nothing left over than mental disease in you. Interesting is the form like religious icons, like an altar painting. The same form I found for the three doors of weapon chambers. I took this form because they ara designed and not only functional.

All my pictures are playing with those ambiguitys. They are very emotional no diet food!

Photos presented during the "Same Same But Different" Exhibition in Paris

dimanche 23 mars 2008